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The Water Stability Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Modified with Glass Fiber

Moisture damage is one of the most common damages that appear in the asphalt mixtures. This damage happens mainly due to the environmental condition that reduces the service life and the performance of the asphalt pavement. To improve the water stability performance of asphalt mixtures, there are different materials such as fibers that could improve the service life and quality of the pavement. In this study, 70# asphalt and AC-16 gradation were used; in addition, glass fiber was used as a modifier in bituminous mixtures to improve the water stability performance. Glass fiber is an organic fiber, which has high strength. Marshall Stability and Marshall Immersion tests are conducted, respectively, to calculate the Optimum Asphalt Content (O.A.C), and the water stability, resistance of control asphalt mixture and asphalt mixture modified with glass fiber. Results showed that the water stability resistance of a modified asphalt mixture with glass fiber is better than an unmodified asphalt mixture after evaluating the optimum asphalt content. Keywords - Asphalt Mixture, Water Stability, Glass Fiber, Marshall Immersion Test