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Experimental Evaluation of the Diatomite Powder on Enhanced Asphalt Mixtures Under Water Effects

The fundamental weaknesses on the properties of the asphalt pavements have made scientists and engineers to try to modify the performance of the asphalt pavement by using the proper additives. Diatomite is a type of an inorganic natural resource with high reserve, low cost, light weight and low density, which can be utilized as a modifier to improve the performance of asphalt or asphalt mixtures and mitigate moisture damage. Water damage is one of the primary concerns in asphalt pavement, and several test methods have been conducted to evaluate the water stability property of asphalt mixture. This article assesses the water stability performance of asphalt mixture by using a Marshall Immersion test. Two kinds of asphalt mixtures (Base asphalt mixture and asphalt mixture modified with diatomite) were prepared under the condition of optimal asphalt content from Marshall Test. Results observe that the Marshall stability of asphalt mixtures is significantly improved after adding the diatomite. Moreover, the results of the resistance of diatomite modified asphalt mixtures to moisture susceptibility are superior to the unmodified asphalt mixtures. Keywords - Asphalt Mixture, Diatomite Powder, Moisture Susceptibility, Marshall Immersion Test