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Assessment of a Sustainable Building using Eco-Friendly Insulation Materials

In air conditioning and refrigeration, insulation materials are essential in building insulation to achieve high performance and reduce energy consumption. However, nowadays, environment concerns have been increased as a result of using petrochemical insulation materials. The petrochemicals insulation materials have a direct effect on the environment as a result of using non-renewable materials, fossil energy consumption, and to the disposal stage. Eco-friendly insulation materials are the solution to decrease the environment concerns and build a sustainable building. Eco-friendly insulation materials have been used in this work to assess and compare its effectiveness in building insulations. Four eco-friendly insulation materials which excited by the nature were used in wall insulation. The overall heat transfer coefficient U was used to assess and compare the insulation efficiency. The basic wall configuration was used in comparison. The results revealed that the eco-friendly insulation material have effective insulation efficiency and can be used to reduce the energy loss through a walls by 50%. Keywords - Eco-Friendly Insulations, Sustainable, Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient.