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Impact Assessment of Bracing, Shear Wall & Damperson RCC Building Structures under Blast Loading

The amount of terrorist actionsuch as blasts has amplified concern around the buildingsafety. So, it is becomingas theessential to design the building for blast loading also. In our study we compare the responsenessofthe bare frame building with 10 storey under the action of surface blasts loading and when the building structure is modelled with XBracing, Shear Wall and Viscous Dampers. In order to analysethebuilding structure under blastload one requires a in depthknowledge of blast load phenomenon. Therequired blast load was determined with thehelp of IS 4991 -1968, Wu and Hao-2005. In this paper we modelled a numerical problem of the fictive building structure which exposed to the blast loading. The blasts sourceseffect of 1000kg weight is considered for standoff distance of 20m. The load for this analysis iscalculatedwith the help of codes and papers andit is applied as the nonlinear pressure-time history graphfor the model whichwas created using SAP2000. The result illustrates that thestorey displacement andstoreydrift for the modelled10 storey bare frame was identified to be greater as when compared with that of other modelswhere addition ofbracing, shear wall anddampers are provided. Whereas, in case of base shear and natural period it is vice versa. Keywords - Blast load,Bracings, Shear Wall, Dampers, Base Shear, Storey Drift, Pressure-time history