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Seismic Performance Of Flyashed Concrete Building With Flyash Brick And Burnt Clay Brick Masonry Infill

This paper presents the seismic performance of a flyashed concrete space framed building with two different types of masonry infills namely, clay brick masonry and flyash brick masonry using pushover analysis. Cement is replaced with flyash in concrete in the proportion of 30 %, 40 % and 50 % by weight of cement. The modeling and analysis of frames are carried out using the software SAP 2000. The lateral loads are calculated as per Indian Seismic code IS 1893:2002. The modal analysis shows that the fundamental frequency of the frames with flyash brick masonry is more than that of frames with clay brick masonry. The capacity curves obtained from the analysis reveal that the performance of frames with flyash brick masonry infill is superior to frames with clay brick masonry infill. The performance point is obtained for all the frames; moreover the spectral displacement is lower in the case of frames with flyash brick masonry. The results of this analysis would encourage the end users to switch over to the usage of flyash leading to a sustainable and greener environment. Keywords- Clay Brick Masonry, Flyash Brick Masonry, Flyashed Concrete, Performance Point, Pushover Analysis.