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Measuring Levels Of Design Fixation In Indian Engineers

A major concern in engineering education pertains to design fixation, which hinders the conception of novel ideas. The term design fixation refers to the designer’s reluctance (or inability, in some cases) to consider multiple strategies to formulate and solve a design need. Divergent thinking (DT) and Visual thinking (VT) are two major design skills needed for any designer. Visual thinking (VT) is the inherent ability of a person in analyzing a certain given diagram or figure and store it in his memory to reproduce when asked for. Divergent thinking (DT) is one of the design skills which helps in generation of alternative design solutions for any given design task and is very much essential for addressing a design problem. In the present paper we elucidate the difference between Indian engineering students and working professionals, and how to bridge the gap between them. Keywords — Design Skills; Divergent Thinking; Design Fixation