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Effect of Sandstone Microfines on Properties of Manufactured Sand Concrete

Due to excessive use of river sand in concrete, there is a scarcity of river sand which has led for the researcher to find the alternative material to be used in concrete. Dimensional stone of various types are mined in Rajasthan. Large amount of waste is generated due to cutting, polishing and dressing of this stones whose disposal is a big concern. In this study river sand is completely is completely replaced by manufactured sand (Sandstone and Silica Sand) and then sand is partially replaced by sandstone microfines at 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%. Workability was kept constant. Tests were done to determine compressive strength, abrasion resistance and ultrasonic pulse velocity. Test result shows that concrete with microfines content upto 10% showed improved strength and abrasion resistance and good quality concrete was obtained. Keywords - Concrete, Manufactured Sand, Microfines, Sandstone, Silica Sand.