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Productivity Analysis and Optimization for Construction Project

The study aims measure the labour productivity and equipment productivity and optimization resources of construction sites in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. productivity can be influential factor in minimizing the project losses or increased profit, a loss of billion of Rupees every year is occurred due to the less or lack of knowledge of labour productivity and equipment productivity. Were analysed and ranked considering the relative important index the questionnaires were distributed to project manager, engineer, consultant, contractor etc. It is found that; timely supply of Material & Equipment, using work Plan (schedules) and Continuous monitoring of the progress of the project, acquiring complete drawing & specification, motivating labours, and Subcontracting works are labour improvement approaches suggested by the respondents in the rank of their effectiveness. Total 41 factors were identified under 9 main groups for labour productivity and total 21 factor were identified under 5 main group for equipment productivity. Residential and commercial type construction projects are considered for questionnaire survey. Results of the comparative analysis show that the findings of each study are different from the others. These differences indicate that the factors affecting construction productivity change based upon different circumstances. Keywords - Productivity Analysis; Project Management; Real Estate; Labor Productivity; Equipment Productivity