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Piled Raft Foundation as the Sustainable Option for High Rise Buildings

This paper presents the designing of piled raft foundation for 20 storeys high rise building which is done manually and building modelling is done using standard software STAAD Pro and results on AutoCAD. The design carried out is according to IS 13920:1993 , IS 456: 2000, IS 2950-1-1998 and IS 2911-1-1 : 2010. Nowadays, we furnish a deep foundation as shallow foundation which is not found to be effectual in dispensing adequate safety and dependability. The piled raft foundation is an amalgamation of pile foundation and shallow raft foundation which has gained popularity in recent years. Also, advancement in the load bearing capability of a shallow foundation utilizing the load that is shared betwixt raft and piles which obtains an efficient and economized design.The load imposed by the superstructure is more than requisite bearing capability and piles provided are inadequate to cater the load imposed alone. Pile foundation is provided with a pile cap or raft slab forming piled raft foundation. Notwithstanding, the common method of designing neglects the bearing contribution from raft to soil causing a conservative estimation of the foundation performance. It was found that raft will take the load first and piles will take the balance. It was discovered that when the pressure is more, dispersion area is less, then these types of foundations are preferable as full capacity of raft is utilised, while pile bears the balance. Keywords - Piled Raft Foundation, High Rise Building, Raft, Pile, Vertical Loads, Simple Design Method.