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“Thirsty Green Concrete” An Alternative Solution for Outdoor Sport Courts

Waste tyre rubber disposal has always been one of the major environmental issues all around the world and this is a very severe threat to the ecology. One of the mitigation for the waste tyre rubber disposal issue is to incorporate it into concrete by replacing part of the natural aggregate. It is estimated that 1000 million tyres will reach the end of their useful lives every year. To make the situation worst, 5000 million more tyres are predicted to be disposed on a regular basis by the year 2030. Until now, only a small part of that enormous amount is recycled while the rest are just being piled, landfilled or buried. By incorporating the waste tyre rubber into part of the concrete, the permeable concrete produced is proposed to be used as the floor for outdoor sport courts. Water normally will accumulate at the outdoor court after rainfall and the wet surface of increases the risk of the players’ safety when they decided to play after the rain. The proposed solution for the matter is by introducing Thirsty Green Concrete which is based on the theme of green technology. Various types of concrete mixing ratio are experimented in order to obtain the optimum mixing ratio with the best permeability and strength. The thirsty green concrete specimen will also be tested for the infiltration rate, void percentage, permeability and strength. Several designs for the drainage system is also proposed and the most efficient will be chosen. Project of making Thirsty Green Concrete enable researchers to gain more knowledge of the wider usage of waste tyre which is incorporating it into making something useful. By introducing Thirsty Green Concrete to the outdoor sport court floor base, the safety of the sportsmen is increase as the water will not accumulate after rainfall. Therefore, it increases the satisfaction of the sportsmen as there is no need to cancel sports due to water accumulation after rainfall anymore and at the same time contributed in the decrease of tyre dumping. Keywords - Thirsty Green Concrete, Concrete mixing ratio, Waste tyre rubber disposal, Outdoor sport court, Drainage system.