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Smart Iron Set

At the present scientific and competitive world, irons sold in the marketplace are always generating difficulties and tribulations to various demanding and number growing consumers. People have always faced dilemma in choosing the right iron for personal or household use. Safety issues always transpire especially when iron plates are extremely hot and running on relatively high and hazardous AC voltages. In order to overcome the setbacks, we have proposed a concept of Smart Iron Set to solve the ever existing problems. „Smart Iron Set‟ concept composed of a newly innovated iron with various safety and novel features; what's more, it comes together with a portable and handy iron board. On a whole, our „Smart Iron Set‟ is appropriate and convenient for various consumers and clients, besides coming in a versatile size; it is also lightweight, user friendly and intelligible. In addition, our „Smart Iron Set‟ also enhances the likelihood for travelers to carry the iron around for essential usage. The concept of „Smart Iron Set‟ is summarized as follows. „Smart Iron Set‟ has a diversity of innovative and unique features which includes: 1. Auto – stand iron as a safety feature. This attribute guarantees that the clothes will not be burnt during ironing, should users are forgetful enough to lift up the iron while they‟re away. Light sensors or Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) circuitry will be added to the iron, and the iron will lift itself under the assured conditions. 2. Foldable and light-weighted iron board Our “Smart Iron Set” iron board is immensely portable, with specified minute size for various purposes such as travelling and storing. Plywood, a highly versatile engineered wood product is best used as our iron board material based on its strong and sturdy characteristics In a nutshell, “Smart Iron Set” has been scrutinized by the inventors with safety, efficiency and sustainability considered. This paper mainly focuses on a detailed methodology, strategies and procedures to accomplish the project. Wrapping up, this project is able to solve the current problems involving irons and enhances daily routines. Keywords - Smart Iron Set, Auto Stand Iron, Foldable And Light Weighted Iron Board