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Determination of the Carbon Footprint of an Engineering College Campus in Kolkata

At present, with the aggravating crisis of ā€˛Global Warming', the need for reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GHGS) have increased manifolds. Catering to this global issue, the need for determining and reducing the Carbon Footprint of different regions, institutes, industries, products etc. have also increased significantly. The present study has been undertaken to determine the Carbon Footprint of an engineering college in Kolkata. It is an educational institute that has about 2700 students and 220 employees. For fulfilling the aim of the research, a commuting profile survey was conducted for students and employees and some other required datas were collected from the college authority. All these datas were analysed with the help of two softwares and after performing some manual calculations, the results were recorded. Finally, conclusions were drawn based on the recorded results and per capita GHG emission of the institute was compared to the per capita GHG emission of Kolkata as well as that of India. Keywords - Carbon Footprint, GHG, Ecological footprint, Direct Carbon Emission, Indirect Carbon Emission, Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement, GHG Protocol, Global Warming, Educational Institute, Carbon Dioxide.