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Positioning of Shear Wall at Core and Corner Shear Wall

Now a days the rate of population increasing is very high. Because we built a high rise building. In high rise building there are a occupied a some small places and construct a many flats. At same place there are a many family lived easily. There are steel structure, frame structure and shear wall. Shear wall is a best option for the pupose of high rise building. Shear wall resist the earthquake force due to wind effect. At this time increasing the rate of population because the land problem is very essential. Because High Rise building is required. In high rise building at same land are various floors of building is maked. Because some covered area are make many floor of building. there are many family lived in same place at various floor of building. We find the various parameters Fundamental Natural Time Period, Storey drift Storey displacement and Base shear. Shear wall are the structural member which can oppose the horizontal force due to effect of seismic force and wind load in this paper we also conclude the storey drift, storey Displacement, natural time period and Base shear. The most appropriate shear walls of the multistorey building. This building located in Lucknow at seismic zone iii . In this paper we also consider the 20 storied of building, and we also applied the shear wall location core and corner of the wall. And we also detailed of the building carried out by the IS 1893:2002. when we apply the different loction of shear walls in multistoried building. Then we get the values of different parameters at various locations of shear walls. In this paper we compare the location of shear walls in multistorey building. We compare the location of shear wall and then we get the values of core and corner shear wall when in these type of wall displacement values less then this type of wall is better than the greater values of wall.Responce Spectrum Method is used. Keywords – Construct, Shear Wall, Building, Fundamental Natural Time Period, Multistorey Building