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Reliability Analysis of Existing and Proposed Water Distribution Network of Mukherjee Nagar Area using EPANET Software

The Water supply network is an essential and crucial element for the city design layout. Over the period of centuries, civilizations have settled around the banks of river and water sources, and with the advancement in planning and utilization of resources, acquiring accessible water has turned convenient and seamless. Water is an indispensable necessity and hence, authorities are ethically and lawfully responsible for providing a consistent supply in terms of quantity and quality. Increasing population demand entails a responsible water distribution net work and regular improvisation and repair projects to accommodate the growing requirements or upcoming establishments. Considering the sizeable scale of the projects in term of investments, construction duration, and effects on daily lives, such plans need to be well-planned, lodging for the future population spurs. According to the IS Codes, Water Distribution Networks need to provide the demand-supply within specifications of flow velocities and pressure in the pipe networks. This research paper is targeted to evaluate the Water Distribution Network for the region of Mukherjee Nagar. Using the EPANET 2.0 Software, the Network is examined in terms of properties for JunctionNodes and PipeConnections. Simultaneously, the proposed Water Supply Network for the area, in accordance with the population and water demands for 2051 as planned by the Delhi Jal Board DWSIIP/01, is analysed. The results are compared and conclusions are driven for the efficiency of the proposed Water Supply Network. Substantiated by the data probed during the evaluation, the effect of supplying waterthrough Under Ground Reservoir(UGR) closer to the area is established for the flow velocities and pressure. Keywords - Water Distribution Network, EPANET, Junctions, Demand, Population Prediction, Flow Velocity, Underground Reservoir.