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Investigation Into The Influence of capacity Building on Occupational Safety and Health Compliance For Construction Projects In Kenya

Occupational safety and health compliance in the construction industry remain a great concern since it is marred with numerous accidents which end up causing deaths, destruction of properties, injuries, and economic loses. This study sought to investigate the influence of capacity building on occupational safety and health compliance of the construction projects. The study targeted 24000 workers who work in the construction site as the primary respondents. Non biased sample of 379 respondents was carefully determined to take part in the investigation. 371 respondents out of 379 responded to the researcher’s equerry giving a response rate of 97.89%. The study adopted “ANOVA and Simple Linear Regression models to analyze the study findings. The ANOVA results from the study participants views indicated that the regression model for Capacity Building results in significantly better prediction of occupational safety and health compliance for construction projects (1,369) =107.169 and p-value=0.00<0.05).The simple linear regression coefficients result indicated that the test of β1=0.784 (coefficient of Capacity Building) statistics revealed that there was sufficient evidence that Capacity Building was linearly related to occupational safety and health compliance for construction projects (Value of test statistics: t=10.391; pvalue =0.000)”. Keywords - Capacity building, occupational health and safety compliance, construction projects