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C-(A-)S-H Differences of Normal and Ultra High Performance Concrete Assessed by 29si MAS NMR

Abstract - Normal and Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) differences of the C-(A-)S-H nanostructure are presented with the help of ²⁹Si MAS NMR. Some UHPC samples contain nanoscale pozzolan and special curing-treatment. Spectral deconvolution and analysis show important nanostructure differences of the C-(A-)S-H phase of both concrete types, more pronounced with the special treated UHPC samples that contain nanoscale pozzolans. The main hydration phase (C-(A-)S-H) of nanoscale pozzolan containing UHPC is made up of a significant portion of chain like structure (Q3), which is absent at Normal concrete and even at the conventional UHPC samples based on the findings of our research work. Keywords - C-(A-)S-H differences, nano-scale pozzolan containing UHPC, Normal concrete, ²⁹Si MAS NMR;