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High - Rise Building Safety Risk Evaluation System based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Abstract - In recent years, the construction safety problem in the construction industry has been largely controlled. However, the poor foundation and large base of Chinese construction industry, coupled with the current infrastructure construction in China is in a period of great development, Low quality engineering construction projects related to participate in, insufficient technical level, construction lack of safety consciousness, safety supervision and lax reality problems, such as integrated led to deviate from the high-rise building safety risk assessment, if not handled in time, will lead to frequent construction safety issues, it will seriously restrict the advance of our nation's infrastructure projects. Based on the analytic hierarchy process, the analytic hierarchy process is used in the high-rise building safety evaluation analysis, considering the factors affecting the safety risk assessment, strengthening the process control in the construction process, reducing the safety risk. Keywords - High-Rise Building; Analytic Hierarchy Process; Safety Risk Evaluation System; Calculation of Evaluation