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A Case Study on Cost and Time Optimization in Construction using BIM

Abstract - Optimization of cost and time of the projects is one of the prime challenges in construction industry. The success of any project not only relies on the production but also depends on the strategy adopted to reduce time and cost of the project throughout its life cycle. Building Information Model (BIM) technique offers the promise to provide a platform for effective project monitoring and control, thereby checking project time and cost overrun. A case study on a residential building (G+15) is taken, which is located in Pune. The Microsoft project (MSP) is used for tracking the progress of the project. A questionnaire survey conducted from different stakeholders like senior engineers, Site engineers, Managers. From the questionnaire survey, the level of critical phase in different sectors is identified. As the mean and Standard Deviation (SD) differences are increases the chances of delay increases. While comparing with the actual cost of the project, it is found that time and cost are reduced by 30% and 44 % respectively. Abbreviations - BIM, Building Information Modelling; SD, Standard Deviation; AEC, Architecture Engineering and Constructions Keywords - Effective cost, BIM, applications, Design, Technique.