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Building Energy Retrofit and Occupants’ Comfort: A Review of the Effects, Measures, and Challenges

Abstract - Since climate change is now evident, it is not only crucial to achieve high levels of energy efficiency for new buildings but also to apply retrofit solutions on existing buildings in order to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and to further enhance indoor environmental quality for the building’s occupants. This paper reviews the effects, retrofit measures, and challenges associated between energy retrofits and occupant comfort. First, energy retrofits effects are discussed. While energy retrofits focus on optimizing energy performance, co-benefits include effects on occupants’ comfort, indoor environment satisfaction, and health symptoms experienced in a building. Second, several energy retrofit measures have showed particularly effective for both energy savings and occupants’ comfort. Third, some challenges emerged between energy retrofit and occupants’ comfort in terms of technical measures and behavioral issues. Overall, energy retrofits and occupants’ comfort showcase great interdependencies as well as a relative need of more post-retrofit studies to quantify the gaps. Keywords - Energy Retrofit, Occupant Comfort, User Satisfaction, Occupant Health, Retrofit Measures, Indoor Environment Quality