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Effect Of Rice Husk Ash As Additives In Lime Mortar

This paper describes an investigation of the effect of using rice husk ash, in combination with lime and cement, as well as the production of low cost masonry units. The mass of binder was maintained (RHA mortar) or partially replaced by Rice husk ash (RHA) in weight percentages of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 30%. The mortar samples were exposed to the same curing conditions, and afterwards tested at different ages, up to 28 days. The results of compressive strength are 3.10 MPa, 3.05 MPa, 3.32 MPa, 3.27 MPa, 8.48 MPa, and 5.69 MPa respectively. The partial substitution of lime by rice husk ash as agricultural waste can be useful to adjust the mortars characteristics for different types of supports and applications sites. Based on laboratory test performed, the addition of 20% rice husk ash is maximum composition to enhance strength and durability of lime mortar. The high silica content in RHA may also bond aggregate with each other. This may provide an opportunity for rice husk ash to be promoted widely in the world related to the enhancement in lime mortar for the construction and conservation of historic buildings. Keywords- Lime Mortar, Rice husk Ash, Strength, Durability, Waste Material