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The Effect Of Lubricant On Biotribological Behaviors Of Sheep Hip Joint

To evaluate degenerative joint diseases and to develop new treatment techniques, it is important to understand the biotribological properties of articular cartilage. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the friction and wear of articular cartilage of sheep hip joint with and without a lubricant. For this purpose adult sheep hip joints were cut and attached to a self-made joint simulator, which was used to apply a physiologic load and range of motion to the hip joint. The friction coefficient was read from the force/torque sensor on the simulator and the wear of the articular cartilage investigated virtually by using Idian ink. The friction coefficient and wear of articular cartilage were significantly reduced by using bovine serum as lubricant. The articular cartilage was entirely worn on contact area with absence of lubricant. Bovine serum was considered as an effective fluid film lubricant for articular cartilage surfaces. Keywords- Hip joint, Articular cartilage, Friction, Wear, Biotribology.