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Design Analysis And Optimization Of Piston Using CAE Tools

This paper describes the stress distribution of two different aluminium alloys piston by using CAE Tools. The specifications used for the study of these pistons belong to four stroke single cylinder engine of Bajaj Pulsar 220CC motorcycle. This paper illustrates the procedure for analytical design of two different aluminium alloy pistons. The results predict the maximum stress and critical region on the different aluminium alloy pistons using CAE Tools. It is important to locate the critical area of concentrated stress for appropriate modifications. A parametric model of Piston is modeled using Solidworks 2014 software and analysis of that model is carried out by using ANSYS 14.5 Software. The best aluminum alloy material is selected based on parameters like Von misses Stress and strain, Deformation, Factor of safety and weight reduction for two wheeler piston were done in ANSYS 14.5 software. Keywords- Design Analysis, Piston, CAE Tools