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Study the Factors of Safety Care System for Senior Housing

Based on the progressing of population aging together with the changes in social patters, there might exist an ideal way to support the elderly who still have abilities to deal with their requirements of daily life. The interior facilities, equipment and design within these spaces will coordinated with the physical and mental conditions of the elderly and the planning and design of various services required. The safety care system will become the most important topic in the field of architecture and interior design, simultaneity. This literature studies a large elder residential house through questionnaire survey and data analysis at the Guishan, Taoyuan. The “Life Protection System” and “Identity System” two factors are obtained among thirteen questions of “Safety Care System” after factor analysis. The results show “Life Protection System” gain higher average score about 4.149 and the average of the factor “Identity System” is relatedly lower as 3.777. It presents the residents pay more attention to “Life Protection System” of “Safety Care System” than other factors. Keyword - Senior House, Safety care system, Elderly