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Static Analysis of Advanced Composite Plates using a Simple HSDT

A simple higher-order shear deformation theory for the static analysis of advanced composite plates is presented in this paper, using a recently developed displacement fields with four unknowns variables which include undetermined integral components. The properties of advanced composite plates (i.e., functionally graded materials FGMs) are assumed to vary continuously through the thickness direction according to exponential law distribution. The governing equations and associated boundary conditions of exponentially graded plates are derived by applying the static version of principle of virtual work. Analytical solutions for bending of thick rectangular EG plates subjected to sinusoidal distributed load are obtained for simply supported boundary conditions using Navier’s solution technique. To verify the accuracy and applicability of the present theory, some numerical results are compared with those obtained by other shear deformation models considered in this paper. Keywords - Thick Rectangular EG Plates, Bending, Shear Deformation, Navier’s Technique