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Consumers’ Intention to Use Autonomous Ground Vehicles with Parcel Lockers in Last-Mile Delivery amidst COVID-19

Over the past two years, e-commerce has expanded tremendously in comparison to the pre-COVID era. With a rising number of consumers limiting social interaction, this has caused a surge in requests for and usage of contactless technologies in last-mile delivery services. Anchored on (i) task-technology fit theory (TTF) and (ii) health belief model (HBM), this study has the objective of analysing variables influencing consumers‟ intent to adopt Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) with parcel lockers (PL). After collecting 500 valid responses, the data was examined with structural equation modeling. The results revealed that all constructs of task-technology fit theory and health belief model are significant in impacting consumers‟ intention to use AGVs with PL. This research enriches the literature on last-mile del ivery methods by providing a combined perspective of task-technology fit and health beliefs. This offers a relevant and fitting approach to explaining consumers‟ intention to use these AGVs amidst the pandemic. The findings offer innovative insights for future adoption of AGVs with PL for potential consumers, business retailers, logistics service providers, and the government. Keywords - Last-Mile Delivery; AGVs with Parcel Lockers; Task-Technology Fit Theory; Health Belief Model