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The Impact of FIDIC Conditions on Time Delay in Construction Projects

Construction claims are one of the most damaging and disruptive events in construction projects. This paper aims to clarify the most common causes of construction delays, whether time and/ or cost, in large construction projects in Egypt, and to find solutions to avoid construction claims. Construction claims have been different methodologies in different versions of FIDIC, especially the Red Book. This paper examines 52 construction claims classified into three group studies, based on the types of projects within Egyptian construction projects. Commercial projects are in the first and second group studies, while residential projects are in the third. Additionally, this paper shows the liability of any party to the causes of claims in different construction projects has been determined. claims were collected and analyzed based on the project’s stage and the percentage of the delay for each group study. The results show that the contract parties’ interpretations of the clauses in the different FIDIC versions are the most significant causes of construction. The findings appear the entitlement of contractor according to causes of claims, and also reveal that avoiding construction claims depend on the agreement of parties that use FIDIC versions, which determine the responsibility of any project stakeholder. Keywords - FIDIC, Delays, Claims, Contracts.