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Prioritization of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Using Combined Decision Analysis and Microsoft Visual Basic

Environmental sustainability and social impacts are increasingly considered by decision makers when selecting a wastewater treatment unit, as well as the system's cost and technical capabilities. In addition, although the literature acknowledges the value of scenario-based analysis, it does not provide decision-makers with the means to conduct a tailored analysis that is tailored to their particular project. Therefore, it is the objective of this research to develop a user-friendly program for conducting sustainability assessments that can be used by decision-makers to conduct their own assessments. Furthermore, the paper prioritizes on-site wastewater treatment units for two different scenarios based on the availability of units in New Zealand. In Excel, a multi-criteria decision analysis program was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). A scenario have been analyzed in this research. A bed reactor aerated wastewater treatment system is found the most environmentally-friendly, locally-produced solution for a rural Iwi school. Keywords - Decision Analysis, Analytical Hierarchy Process, On-Site Treatment Unit, Sustainable Criteria