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A Simulation of The Physical Characteristics of Passively Maintained Closed Cavity Facades

In recent decades, numerous innovations have been noticed in the field of facade technologies, particularly concerning sustainable principles.The adoption of double and multi-layer facades has been increasing, accompanied by a renewed interest in natural ventilation over the past decade. While both single and double-skin facades possess their benefits and limitations, the tendencies of sustainable building led to the development of a third type of glass façade, a close cavity façade (CCF). This mechanically operated façade combines the advantages of both existing types.Integrating these benefits with sustainable values, a novelvariant of CCF has been developed – a passively maintained close cavity façade that requires no additional servicing. To achieve this, several physical characteristicssuch as temperature, pressure, and humidityhad to be observed, providing simulations and experimental results, and giving crucialinsight intothe duration and efficiency of the close cavity façade system, designed to operate passively throughout its expected service life. Keywords - close cavity facades, passive maintenance, physical characteristics, passive ventilation