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Performances of Rice Straw and Cement in Building Materials

The objective of this study is to compare the performances of rice straw and cement by mixing them with clay. This allowed us to propose properties of samples for building materials. The clay formations represent an abundant economical material resource available in tropical and equatorial Africa. Agriculture is among the economic sectors that produce more waste. For rice straw waste, its high content of cellulose makes it difficult to digest. So, few animals can use it as food. The cement is a hydraulic binder. The Interesting results obtained show that the integration of rice straw in building materials improves the thermal comfort and recycles the straw. The integration of cement in building materials improves the compression strength. Also, the comparison of performances of materials makes it possible to indicate ranges of properties that we can use in the construction of buildings. This work enabled us to propose new materials according to their thermomechanical properties. Keywords - Building materials, cement, clay, compare, rice straw waste, thermo-mechanical properties