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Numerical Simulation For Predicting Failure In Deep Drawing Process Using Forming Limit Diagram (FLD)

Abstract-This paper investigates the method for prediction of forming limit diagram by using finite element analysis. The formability dome test is carried out by using numerical simulation as per the standards. The two dimensional full model of dome shape punch and die is modelled and simulated by using LS DYNA explicit tool. By applying the prescribed boundary condition strain distribution for the formed component is noted down to plot FLD. The obtained FLD is further used as failure criteria for the validation of deep drawn component. The thickness variation is an important factor for the acceptance/rejection of the formed component in deep drawing process. So the strain distribution of the drawn component should lie within the safe range predicted by numerical forming test. The comparison between strain distributions of deep drawn components is carried so as to identify the failure of the component in earlier stage which would increase productivity. Keywords: Forming limit diagram, formability dome test, reduction ratio, explicit tool, two dimensional FE model.