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Effect Of Cutoff Clearance Oncentrifugal Blowernoise: A Review

Abstract- Thispaper summarizes the research work done by researchers performed on centrifugal blower of forward curved, backward curved and radial blades. Only those experiments are included in these papers which are made to reduce the noise by modifying the cutoff clearance of casing.The noise generated by centrifugal blower contains tonal as well as random components noise. Generally the most annoying component and need to be reduced are the blade tones. The main acoustic source region of the blade tones is known to be cutoff clearance (impeller blade- tongue clearance) of the casing which is closest to the rotating impeller. High blade passage noise is usually attributed to lack of adequate clearance between the periphery of the blower wheel and the cutoff plate which is located at the start of volute. The purpose of this paper is to study the effect of cutoffclearance on centrifugal blower noise. Keywords: Centrifugal blower, volute tongue geometry,cutoff clearance, noise.