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Evaluation On Compressive Strength Of Spent Copper Slag Short Column Masonry

Abstract- Copper slag (CS) used in cleaning and removing rust in the sand blasting industry may replace the sand in concrete production. Different mix ratio of copper slag replacing certain percentage of fine aggregates in the production of sand-cement bricks for short column were tested to analyze their compressive strength. The bricks were deducted into half of the British Standard size which is 215 mm x 102 mm x 65 mm due to the limitation of available compression machine. The project involved the investigation of three brick mixes of copper slag replacing river sand at 0% CS, 20% CS, and 30% CS. The mix was also consists of ordinary Portland cement and tap water. Three (3) sets of columns were built, and in each column the percentage of copper slag were increased. The height of the columns was 350 mm. The test showed that the highest strength of column belongs to 20% CS short column. Keywords- Copper Slags, Compressive Strength, Column Masonry, Bricks, Shipyard