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Effects Of Contaminated Heavy Metal Industrial Sludge Waste On Germination And Seedling Growth Of Solanum Melongena L

Abstract: The present study deals with the “Effects of Contaminated Heavy metal Industrial sludge waste on germination and seedling growth of Solanum melongena L.” (Brinjal) plant Species were investigated in laboratory by conducting a general Petridish test and growth inhibition assessment. Brinjal Species of plants i.e., Solanum melongena L. were used in order to investigate plant’s ability to germinate and survive in a gradient of contaminated solid waste with heavy metals like Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) were found in the Industrial sludge. The results indicate that effect of ISW on Germination time and viability of germination seeds also found. Compared to the Control WE1 82.02(%), WE2 66.02(%), WE3 61.09(%) and WE4 52.81(%) of total germination effected and decreased. Keywords: Germination, Heavy Metal, Industrial Sludge Waste, Seedling Growth, Solanum Melongena L.,