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All Purpose Ambulances Made Using Recycled Materials And Using Innovative Concepts Of Communication

Abstract: Good quality healthcare service is one of the most vital requirements in India. However, there has been a lack of focus on preventive health care. Low quality, lack of basic and critical equipments and technology, outdated methods to control infectious diseases, delay in prompt healthcare services, high cost and risk, rural and urban healthcare divide; the problems with healthcare in India is endless. Although, the number of good healthcare providers has steadily gone up, it is not helping to address the larger Indian health crisis. To mitigate the poor healthcare services problem, technological advancements are required. Integrated systems of providing health, from the patients to the doctors, are essential. Keeping all of that in mind, we need to revamp our mobile healthcare service and ambulance model. This study mainly focuses on the reasons why this should be the top priority today. It also presents the theoretical framework and design of a modern all-terrain ambulance, built with recyclable materials and using the concepts of human-to-machine interaction. Using signals as detection techniques and the proper response technology and plan, a patient’s condition can be detected, analyzed and immediately picked up for treatment, if needed. A fully equipped ambulance will then treat the patient and make proper decisions to save the person. The goal is to eliminate the problems of healthcare services. Keywords: All purpose ambulances; Ambulance, APA, Communication, Innovative, Recycled materials;