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Experimental Investigation On Effect Of Different Compression Ratio On Performance And Emission Of A Ci Engine

Abstract— Compression ignition engines are very popular from the time of their invention; most of the automobiles are run by these engines. The aim of the present work is to experimentally investigate the effect of compression ratio on performance of compression ignition engine operated with peanut oil blended with mineral diesel. In this present investigation a novel method of changing the compression ratio (12.5, 15.0, 17.5, 20.0 and 22.5) is proposed, applied, studied and analyzed. All tests with the fuels were conducted at different speed (1200 rpm to 3200 rpm). Comparative measures of CO2, NOx and CO have been presented and discussed. Power, SFC, and mileage are also have been presented and discussed. Increase in compression ratio improves fuel efficiency and power output. The novelty in this work is to permit 4-stroke CI engine manufacturer to change the compression ratio. Index Terms—4-Stroke Engine, Compression Engine, Compression Ratio, Peanut Oil, NOx Emission.