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Utilization Of Glass Powder As A Partial Replacement Of Cement And Its Effect On Concrete Strength – A Review

Glass is an amorphous solid that has been found in various forms for thousands of years and has been manufactured for human use since 1200 BC. Glass is one the most versatile substances on Earth, used in many applications and in a wide variety of forms, from plain clears glass to tempered and tinted varieties, and so forth. After its usage it is generally dumped in landfills. Since glass is a non-biodegradable material, landfills do not provide a friendly environment. Many attempts were made to use waste glass in concrete industry as a replacement of coarse aggregate and fine aggregate but the performance were unreliable because of strength regression. As glass powder with particle size less than 75m possess pozzolanic properties, past investigation reveals that glass powder can be effectively use as a partial replacement of cement. Experimental Investigations shows a positive result by enhancing the compressive and tensile strength of concrete. Workability decreases with increment in glass powder content. A review on utilization of a glass powder as a partial replacement of concrete and its effects on compressive and tensile strength of concrete is shown in this paper. Keywords— Glass Powder, Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength, poZzolanic Properties, Workability.