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Bending Analysis Of Thick Laminated Plates By A Boundary Element Method

In this paper, a Boundary Element Method (BEM) is developed for analysis of moderately thick laminated plates modeled by Mindlin’s theory. Laminated plates are composed of orthotropic layers where shear deformation is considered. The governing equations are three coupled linear partial differential equations of second order with three physical conditions along the plate boundary. The present method is achieved using the concept of the analog equation method (AEM). According to this principle, the original governing equations are replaced by three uncouple Poisson’s equations with fictitious sources under the same boundary conditions. The fictitious sources are established using a technique based on the BEM and approximated by radial basis functions series. The present method has the advantages of the BEM in a sense that the discretization and integration are performed only on the boundary. To validate the effectiveness, accuracy as well as the applicability of the proposed method, numerical results of plate problems are presented. Keywords— Thick plates, Mindlin plates, Laminated Plates, Boundary Element Method, Analog Equation method.