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The Study Of The Role Of Stress Management In Civil Projects’ Construction (Case Study: Lorestan Province Road Building Projects)

In the present world, stress has been known as one of the calamities of human force and job stress has been considered by researchers and also World Health Organization (WHO) as an annoying phenomenon. It has been introduced as an important phenomenon in social life and a serious threat for health of labor force in the world. For this reason, researchers have conducted extensive studies in this field. In this regard, the present paper has been conducted to study role of stress management in civil projects’ constructions. The most important causes of stress in road building projects were identified through literature review, field studies and interview with employers, consultants and contractors. Then, the research questionnaire was compiled by classifying these cases. By distributing the questionnaires and collecting them, the obtained information was analyzed with SPSS software. The results show that “no complete removal of the conflicts before start of the project operations” employer, consultant and contractor was the highest job stress factor which employer applies to the active forces in the project. Also, “monthly salary” was found as the most stressful factor of the working forces of employers, consultant and contractor. It was specified that “educational level” and “working experience of people” does not affect on their stress but “timely payment of wage” reduces stress and “high working volume” increases stress. Keywords- Job Stress, Stress Management, Road Building Projects