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Modifying The Clay Behavior For Using In The Cut Off Wall In Earth DAMS

The water leak controlling in different water structures, for example in the foundation of the dams or underground constructions, is an important fact. Some very usual and important ways of sealing in the foundation, is to construct flexible cut off walls made of plastic concrete. For weakening the water flow in the walls, it is common to use Bentonite and in the cases which the wall’s resistance is weak, it is mostly common to add some cement to the mixture of soil and Bentonite. Usually, plastic concrete’s water-cement ratio is high. In this work, the effort is to use walls, made of some additives like Bentonite and cement added to clay, instead of sealing walls and to define the mixing ratio of each. There, in this paper, has been presented 20 samples of different mixing percentage of cement and Bentonite with a fixed water-cement ratio (W/C) of two times more to the same and then it has not limited it just to push-resistance experiments, but also there it has been used permeability experiments with decreasing load. Keywords- Plastic Concrete, Permeability, Clay, Uniaxial pressure test, Cement, Bentonite.