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Shear Transfer Response In Rigid Pavement Using Everfe2.24

Some of the critical aspect of the rigid pavement such as the effect of the slab –base shear transfer on pavement response and effect of dowel misalignment on pavement response cannot be captured with conventional analytical method. In this study rigid pavement is modelled in Finite element analysis tool EverFE2.24. This FEM programme was developed by Bill David, University of Maine, USA. In this study rigid pavement is modelled as three slab system of dimension 4.5X3.5 each jointed with dowel bar resting on DLC base. Subgrade is considered as tensionless dense liquid foundation. To study the effect of slab-base shear transfer on pavement response degree of slab –base interaction is varied considering different thermal variation type across the slab thickness along with self weight of the slab. In this study we find that slab-base shear interaction have significant effect on pavement response and nature of variation in stresses with different degree of slab-base interaction is very complex. For most of the thermal variation type, stresses in slab is less for low value of slab-base interaction, it means thin polythene sheet between slab and base is desirable. Keywords— FEM, EverFE2.24, DLC, Slab-base interaction, RIGID PAVEMENT.