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Utilization Of Nanosilica-Palm Shell Nanocomposite To Enhance Cement Strength In Well Cementing Operation

The main role of well cementing operation is toadhere the casing with the formation. The successful operation will yield a cement with high strength and good bonding. The cement slurry with high compressive strength and shear bond strength may give a good protection to the casing. Nanocomposite has been used as an additive to accomplish this purpose. The study of palm shell carbon (PSC) variation on nanocomposite has been performed by using biaxial loading test to obtain high performance of compressive strength and shear bond strength according to API specification 10A. From this study, the optimum composition of nanocomposite was at addition 3% PSC with 1090.5 Psi compressive strength and 154.48 psi shear bond strength. Keywords— Compressive Strength, Shear bond Strength. Nanocomposite, Nanosilica, Palm Shell Carbon.