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Capacity Of Corroded RC Beams Considering Weight Loss Or Area Loss

Environment has a big influence in degrading the structure performance during its life time. Earthquake is believed to contribute the most deterioration to the structure. In the past recent years, corrosion had raised up to give a slowand- certain cause to the deterioration to the structure. Different from the deterioration due to the earthquake, the corrosion is highly depending on time. The structure will not shockingly collapse under this kind of degradation. For so many years, corrosion has been observed by doing a series of experiment in the laboratory and ending up with an experimental formulation of a structural member. Grounded on this data, we will analyze the detriment of the capacity of RC beam by taking the advantage of this experimental formulation. The definition of the corrosion based on the experiment is in terms of the weight loss. Additionally, we will perform a calculation of capacity under the corrosion onset in terms of area loss. Under those two considerations, we will have a vision about the capacity of RC beam due to the corrosion. Comparison of the calculation results between the experiment and theoretical will be good in advancing the possible calculation of capacity of RC beam under the corrosion attack. Moreover, the severity of the capacity loss can be taking into further judgment in design. Keywords- corrosion; area loss, bonding failure, flexural capacity, shear capacity, weight loss