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Boundary Shear Distribution In Smooth And Rough Open Channels

As boundary shear stress is an important parameter in open flow so experiments have been conducted in smooth and rough open channels and some experiments have been considered from different literatures for examining it’s variation with geometric, hydraulic and roughness parameters. These experimental channels comprising of trapezoidal and rectangular main channel and two symmetrically disposed flood plains. The local shear stress and boundary shear stress distribution cannot be determined easily as they depend upon the velocity field, the shape of the cross section and the boundary roughness. Variation of shear on flood plain and main channel with respect to the width ratio, relative flow depth and roughness has been demonstrated. A comparison between boundary shear stress distributions in smooth and rough compound channels has been made. Certain not worthy differences have been seen in both the channels due to account of secondary flow structure. The results provide a brief idea which will be useful for successfully knowing the distribution of boundary shear stress when the geometric, hydraulic and roughness parameters of simple and compound channels change. Keywords— Boundary shear stress, Smooth and Rough compound channel, Local shear stress, Velocity field, Width ratio.