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Critical Gap In Research On Adaptive Thermal Comfort Of Children In Primary School Buildings

‘Thermal Comfort’ can be defined as the mental satisfaction of the inhabitants in their environment due to their thermal aura. There are many factors which affect human comfort while carrying out building design. The experiments are carried out based on the subjective evaluation of their thermal sensation and simultaneously recording the environmental parameters. The paper discusses about the various research that have been conducted to investigate the ranges of parameters causing adaptive thermal comfort. The paper mainly points out the research recently contributed towards the analysis of thermal comfort of children in various built set-up. Emphasis is made by the author on the missing gap and thereby the urgent necessity required to find the adaptive thermal comfort levels of children in primary school buildings. The conclusion is established by reviewing the missing gap in the International standards such as ISO 7730, ASHRAE 55, EN 15251. Keywords- Adaptive thermal comfort, ASHARE 55, ISO 7730, Primary School Buildings.