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Experimental Study Of Panel Precast Buton Asphalt Pavement With Strengthened By Geogrid

Precast buton asphalt panels with the same characteristics as the characteristics of the massive asphalt can be used as an alternative method of implementation of the asphalt pavement as an effort to simplify and reduce of implementation errors, so that it can increase the attractiveness of the use of asphalt Buton. With the results of experimental tests of the model of precast panels Buton Asphalt pavement is known that the geogrid is able to raise the Buton asphalt panel's ability to withstand a static load and increase the stiffness of the panel. This will be very beneficial related to the real conditions on the field that the pavement was often got static load like a wheel load of vehicles that are parked or load of the panel itself while in the process of transporting and stacking. The most effective is installed on a panel with a thickness of 5 cm. It is seen an increase in the percentage of the maximum static load bearing capability as well as an increase in the amount of deflection before collapse. Keyword— Buton Aspal, Precast, Panel, Geogrid.