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Behaviour Of An Innovative Connection Used In Steel Storage Racking Systems With Monolitic Loading Condition

Application of steel pallet racking industry has been widely introduced around the world since the age of industrial revolution. Throughout the years, steel pallet racking had been deeply evolved from hot-rolled profile into coldformed profile in order to increase the optimization in terms of engineering. In current studies, there are much studies regarding cold-formed steel profile, however, there is relatively minimal research regarding cold-formed pallet racking studies especially in connection due to its semi-rigid behaviour by lug hooked into the upright. The objective of this study is to propose an innovative connection for a better behaviour of pallet racking beam-to-column connection. Typical connection with bolt and nut has been used in most of traditional steel pallet racking. In this study a special connection with no bolt and nut has been introduced. This connection is called “connection with lug” where a welded angle with lug is hooked to a specially prepared hole on the column or “upright”. . By investigating the original rotational stiffness value, moment resistance, ductility and failure mode of the connection, a standardized connection can be established. A total of 6 monotonic specimens are conducted to determine the behaviour of the connection of upright comprising of 2.0mm and 2.6mm thickness connected to 5 lug end connector. The experimental results helped in understanding the behaviour of connection and creating innovation in improving the performance of storage rack beam to column connection. Keywords- Monotonic, Beam Column Connection, Racking, Cold-Formed Steel