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Optimization Of Artificial Sand In Concrete

Artificial sand is most commonly use in the construction because of the problem of shortage of river sand. The replacement of artificial sand proves economical in the construction and it is the best substitute for natural sand. But it is found that maximum replacement of artificial sand causes some structural problems (i.e. crack, workability, permeability) because of its properties. Artificial sand does not fulfil the few properties of natural sand so that we decided to replace optimum percent of artificial sand with natural sand. As per the experimental study the replacement of 65-70% of artificial sand gives excellent results as compressive strength, flexural strength and split tensile strength. Mix design has been done for M25 grade concrete using design approach IS for the conventional concrete. Test were conducted and compared with natural sand. It is found that compressive and flexural strength of artificial sand is more than natural sand. So, replacement of natural sand gives a proper solution over scarcity of natural sand and also helps in making eco-balance. Keywords— Artificial Sand, Natural Sand, Compressive Strength, Concrete, Properties, Environmental Protection.