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Study Of Microstructure, Hardness And Aging Behaviour Of 2014 Aluminum Alloy

The mechanical properties of aluminum alloy are purely dependent on the rate at which the alloy is heated and quenched. The commercially available aluminum alloys has potential applications in the field of aircraft. The effect aging behavior of aerospace aluminum AA2014 alloy on microstructure, hardness and XRD patterns has been studied. In order to achieve good mechanical properties of Al−Cu alloys, precipitation hardening and artificial aging treatment were applied. Solution treatment has been carried out at 542˚C for 3:30 hrs followed by quenching in water. Then artificial aging is carried out at 183 ˚C for 2 to12 hrs. The results show that after aging of 8 hours AA2014 aluminum alloy acquires maximum hardness (129.2 BHN). By the XRD analysis, we found the major peaks at 39.13˚, 45.53˚, 65.83˚, 78.8˚ and 83.17o respectively in as received specimen. In solution heat treated sample, the peaks are found at 38.82˚, 45.14˚, 65.5˚and 78.5˚ respectively. These peaks are identified as single phase (α- Al). In artificially aged 2014 aluminum alloy for 8 hours , peaks are found at 38.59˚, 44.91˚, 65.30˚and 78.48˚ respectively. Here, only single peak of CuAl2 is detected at 78.48˚on (004) plane. Keywords- Aluminum alloy, Aging, Hardness, Heat treatment, X-ray Diffraction.