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Comparison Of Compressive Strength Of Various Brands Of Cement

Cement is a key ingredient of Concrete .Concrete is prepared by mixing sand, aggregate and cement along with water in fixed proportion. The binding property of concrete is mainly due to cement. Hence while studying the properties of concrete it is important to study the properties of cement. Among all the properties of cement, compressive strength is the most important property. In this study more than 2000 cement samples were tested for their physical properties according to IS 4031. To find out the Compressive strength of cement, initially Standard Consistency is determined, and then using measured quantity of water and standard sand conforming I.S.650, specimens having surface area 50 cm2 are casted to determine the compressive strength of cement for 3 days, 7days and 28 days. Generally maximum strength is gained within 28 days from the day of casting. In this research study, it is considered that 100% strength is gained in 28 days. According to this consideration, strength gaining percentage for 3 days and 7 days for various brands of cement were analyzed in this paper. Keywords— Compressive Strength, Grade Of Cement.