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Experimental Investigation On Increasing The Strength Of Pervious Concrete By Varying The Mix Ingredients

Pervious concrete or No fineness concrete is a conventional concrete that is used in foreign countries for draining of storm water and increasing the ground water level. This project is mainly based on the investigation and increasing the strength characteristics of Pervious concrete. The mix design is designed considering only cement and coarse aggregate since the concrete is a “NO FINENESS CONCRETE”. The mix ratio is considered as 1:6 and the water cement ratio is taken from 0.4-0.45. The admixtures are added in % of cement for Nano silica & % of concrete for polypropylene. The final outcome to be received is increase in the strength of pervious concrete by improving their characteristics and make them utilized for Road pavements. Keywords— Pervious Concrete, No Fineness concrete, Water drain, Ground water improvement.